Company Profile


Mission Statement.

To be a competitive and innovative supplier of industrial washing and drying equipment.


Business Objective


To offer our clients quality products and services that meet their requirements.


The Company


Washtech was formed in 2000 and takes pride in offering our clients practical, workable solutions to specific requirements that takes the project from the drawing board into reality.


The company has participated in a wide range of projects varying in both technical complexity and size, including many projects for major South African organisations.


The company operates from offices in Johannesburg, South Africa which has been planned to provide flexibility to meet the changing demands of the industry.


The company provides the following services:

   - Washing and drying equipment

   - Design engineering, equipment and plant utilities

   - Water and effluent treatment

   - Project management

   - Plant automation and control

   - Process installation

   - Procurement and expediting

   - Plant erection, supervision and commissioning




Lukas Van Niekerk.


BSc (Eng) PrEng

Graduated in 1989 from the University of Cape Town

Joined the design team of the consulting group "Wevs Projects".

Appointed mechanical director in 1996.

Formed WashTech in 2000.


He has 15 years experience in washing and drying technology.


Thomas Coetzee.


BSc (Eng) PrEng

Graduated in 1998 from the University of Pretoria.

Joined High Tech packaging as a project engineer.

Joined WashTech in 2002.





Coca Cola


Nampak Packaging

Tiger Wheels

De Beers

Consol Glass

Crown Cork

Latasa (Brazil)

Oryx Mining

Nampak Glass


Rheem Can/Highveld Steel

Hernic Mining